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Hilde Soliani
The newest from the Queen of Gourmand is an intriguing blend of sweet, creamy spices, lush rose, and a touch of smoke- mouthwatering and seductive all at once.
By Kilian
Roses on Ice
Inspired by the bracing freshness of gin cocktails, this unique rose scent boasts an unforgettably icy signature.
By Kilian
Angels' Share
Kilian Hennessy pays tribute to his heritage with a sweet, warm, mouthwateringly boozy winter-perfect scent made with real essence of cognac.
Comme des Garcons
Spicy, smoky, earthy, woodsy- the newest from CDG features a cornucopia of the brand's signature notes against a smoothly resinous incense and amber base.
Atelier des Ors
Rouge Saray
An exotic and lavish blend of sweet fruit, spicy florals, and creamy vanilla, Rouge Saray is a scent that smells as opulent as it looks.
Jorum Studio
Bright spices and wild florals against a potent leather base, Athenaeum makes a statement.
Jorum Studio
Tobacco lovers looking for something with an rugged edge will go crazy for this raw, smoky, spicy, and even somewhat animalic interpretation.
Mouthwateringly fluffy and marshmallow-sweet, but glowing with petitgrain freshness, Sintra is luxuriously sophisticated treat for lovers of orange blossom.
Les Indemodables
Vanille Havane
A truly masterful scent that harnesses the true richness and complexity of vanilla bean, Vanille Havane is a gorgeous and grown up vanilla- no sweet tooth required.
Christele Jacquemin
A smooth, light floral with a distinct touch of ginger, Impermanence is a lovely and evocative fragrance.
Christele Jacquemin
A vibrant and unique spicy floral that combines a fruity, rich tuberose with a great bouquet of spices including cardamom and carrot seed.
Sans Fleurs
Deeply, luxuriously, powerfully comforting, Sans Fleurs is a positively hypnotic combination of boozy, creamy, exquisitely sourced natural woods.
$90 - $350
Oud Loukoum
A distinctive take on the beloved flavors of Turkish Delight featuring mouthwatering dried fruit and rich, gourmand-leaning organic oud.
$90 - $350
Pierre Guillaume Paris Black Collection
Animal Mondain
Clean, spicy tobacco that lingers on the skin with a just-out-of-the-shower freshness.
Musk Deer
A delightful unisex musky floral featuring a compelling no-actual-animal-products deer musk accord that impressively captures the sparkling, seductive essence of the real thing.
TOM FORD Private Blend
Bitter Peach
Not quite as bitter as the name might suggest, this mouthwatering offering blends juicy peach with a sensual twist of boozy/woody depth.
Strangers Parfumerie
Fleur de Lune
A luminous scent that combines powder-fresh musk with glowing white florals.
Strangers Parfumerie
Roasted Coffee
Coffee lovers- run, don't walk to this intensely rich, sweet, earthy, robust coffee fragrance with boozy smoothness and smoky tobacco.
Jack Perfume
Bright and aromatic but with a smoky and resinous base, this is a distinguished and lovely leather scent.
Roberto Greco
Porter sa Peau
Smooth, dry florals and musks, Porter sa Peau is both comforting and sensual- another truly unique offering from Roberto Greco.
Rogue Perfumery
Bon Monsieur
Potent, bright, naturalistic, and dashingly dignified, this classically-styled fougere is a worthy addition to Rogue's exquisite collection.
$85 - $156
Subtle Bodies
Australian Sandalwood
A sweet and fragrant scent, clear and intoxicating. Sandalwood is perfect for enlivening a space while promoting an uplifting sense of calm and tranquility.
Subtle Bodies
Korean Red Cedar
A woody, resinous scent which is redolent and calming. Red Cedar is perfect for feeling grounded while helping to promote relaxation and an air of comfort.
Subtle Bodies
Vietnamese Agarwood
An aromatic, spicy scent, ethereal and stimulating. Agarwood is perfect for creating a zen space that promotes alertness and awareness.
Flamingo Estate
Roma Heirloom Tomato
Ripe, supple and bursting with juice, this candle perfectly captures the earthy, green, mouthwatering scent of fresh-growing tomatoes on the vine.
Flamingo Estate
Adriatic Muscatel Sage
Sacred, spiritual and wholly transportive, this salty and herbaceous candle will purify any space.
Etat Libre d'Orange
Exit the King
A modern, stylish floral chypre with a daring metallic edge, Exit The King is destined to be another ELDO cult classic.
$58 - $149
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