Fueguia 1833

This exciting niche house is based in Argentina. Fueguia 1833 was founded in 2010 by Julian Bedel and Amalia Amoedo. Bedel, the in-house perfumer, comes from a line of naturalists and has continued the tradition by identifying new native species to use in his art. One of the aspects that makes Fueguia 1833 so special is their use of ingredients native to South America. While Bedel does use classic components from the European tradition, he combines them with native species sourced in South America, harvested by local communities under sustainable projects and distilled under his supervision. In addition to unusual ingredients, Fueguia 1833 has a unique sensibility, drawing inspiration from the culture and history of Patagonia (as the territory including Argentina and Chile was dubbed by early explorers). Bedel has developed scents inspired by the music, literature and history of the region, and is especially fascinated by the voyage of Charles Darwin and the time he spent in Patagonia.
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