Minimalism, abstraction, quality, and lightness. These are the code words that define luxury for Thirdman and its contemporary, unisex take on the eau de cologne. In the 18th century, scented waters made with botanical extracts were used for their beneficial tonic-like qualities. These later evolved into the classic Eaux de Cologne, which were stored in large bottles and meant to be splashed on freely. Traditionally composed with high grade citrus notes, an eau de cologne provides a sensation of well-being on impact. Because they’re prepared at lower than traditional perfume concentrations, the natural, untouched quality of the ingredients can shine through.

Thirdman updates this tradition of luxury notes paired with citrus by taking its high-grade essences and abstracting them so that their compositions are not led by one ingredient. Thirdman — a code name for the anonymous person behind the brand rather than an indication of its scents’ targeted gender — seeks to redefine luxury as the sensorial pleasure of splashing, reapplying, and enjoying sheer, natural, elegant ingredients like a second skin.
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