S-Perfume was founded in March 2000 in DUMBO, Brooklyn (New York) by the artist and sculptor Nobi Shioya (known as Sacre Nobi), today its headquarter is in Kamakura, Japan. In 2014 the pop and urban-spirited fragrances took a new experimental direction in order to renew its identity, thanks to the collaboration with Intertrade. A minimal visual code in which the palette of colors goes side by side with the choice of the main essence in each fragrance, whose olfactory sensation is as striking as the decisive though discreet watercolour packaging. The lettering is carved on all sides of every bottle like an elegant screen print, a feature that helps to leave admirers with the reminder of a perfume rich in content and stylish visual emotions.

Echoes from the Japanese culture and style of S-Perfume’s founder, is part of the special ingredients of each fragrance, concocted by a top perfumer in the world. Obsession with sex, the quest for love, the passion for nature and arts, as well as inspirations that come from the ancient legend of a Japanese queen or from one of the most iconic cities of the past.
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