This exquisite new line takes its name and inspiration from the sights and scents of the Brittany region in France – a fascinating mix of glorious coastline, ancient buildings and magical Celtic traditions. Lostmarc’h is the last beach on continental Europe –unspoiled and rugged and outrageously beautiful, with the dreamlike feeling of being at the end of the world. This is a land where you can find mysterious standing stones from the Neolithic age and ruins of medieval fortresses, a land with an untamed natural beauty that matches the wildness of the sea. The fragrances from Lostmarc’h are like watercolor sketches of Brittany – vivid, but with a certain delicacy, capturing the spirit and enchantment of the place with a few precise, perfectly placed strokes. The products of this Dinard-based company are developed carefully, and their production is limited and controlled, in order to maintain the highest quality. By the way, don’t reach for a French dictionary to translate the names of these gemlike creations - they are in Breton, a Celtic language of the region.
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