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Thorsten Biehl is a traveler. At the age of 16, he went to New York with his father, renowned perfumer Henning Biehl. The American metropolis of millions formed Thorsten Biehl. Ever out to become acquainted with new cultures, he had these inspire him in his work, in a life on the leading edge. Since then he has traveled to over 60 countries, with his career path taking him to Europe, South America and Asia and then in 1999 back again to New York. To this day, the city has lost none of its fascination for Biehl, now 40.

Biehl.parfumkunstwerke company has its base in Hamburg and – naturally – in New York.

After his youthful years in Manhattan, Thorsten Biehl initially returned to Germany – to his birthplace in Holzminden, Lower Saxony. His career as a fragrance expert commenced in 1987 with commercial training and study for a degree in business economics at H&R, one of the world’s leading fragrance companies (now Symrise). Various courses in the art of sniffing soon aroused the creative side of Thorsten Biehl. Coupling his business background and his passion for fragrances, and influenced since earliest childhood by his father’s work, Thorsten Biehl became an expert for market positioning and development strategies for perfumes. He then worked for six years as marketing and evaluation manager for H&R in Mexico City, becoming Marketing Director for International Fragrance Development in New York in 1999.

In 2004, he took the bold yet every successful step into independence – his new adventure. Today, Thorsten Biehl is a successful entrepreneur who has actually made a reality of an unusual concept. Like Biehl himself, his olfactory gallery has an international stamp: Six perfumers from five different countries are creating luxury fragrances for Thorsten Biehl. His journey as an independent entrepreneur has just commenced and will be taking him around the globe again, to New York, with Los Angeles planned for the future and his biehl parfumkunstwerke also set for market launches in London, Dubai, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.

Biehl parfumkunstwerke considers itself to be an olfactory gallery. A free space for perfume artists who can present their extraordinary creations to an audience without having to take market research, marketing, and maximal margins into consideration. Quality and exclusiveness count and not just in regard to the used ingredients. Above all, biehl parfumkunstwerke aim to surprise and open up new possibilities of a very personal style for those who wear it.

In short, it is not a scent for the masses.

Meet the Perfumers

Mark Buxton | Patricia Choux | Arturetto Landi | Geza Schoen

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