The infinite possibilities of a blank canvas. The myriad worlds contained in an uncut block of marble. An invitation to express pure creative vision. That’s what we wanted to offer some of our favorite perfumers that we work with at Luckyscent, perfumers who have created some of the most-beloved cult fragrances around the globe. The result is Untitled – a collection of one-of-a-kind fragrances, each exclusive to Luckyscent, commissioned with the request to create something unusual, something that goes beyond their normal boundaries, with the Luckyscent customer in mind. As our customers are known to be extremely adventurous when it comes to seeking out new and exotic scents, this left the door wide open for our artists. For that is what they truly are – artists who work in scent, creating dreamscapes that evoke mood and memory. We invite you to view our collection of limited edition fragrances known simply as Untitled. Each creation is a Limited Edition
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