Pure Fiji

For centuries, South Pacific Islanders have used a blend of pure virgin coconut oil and local nut extracts infused with tropical flowers to soften, moisturize and protect their skin and hair. Pure Fiji is based on the Fiji islands, and is committed to the idea of “what goes on you goes in you,” and has recently drawn an underground cult of celebrities and pure body worshippers. Materials like cold-pressed coconut oil, local nut extracts, fresh coconut milk…these are just a few of the ingredients that you’ll find in Pure Fiji’s gorgeous butters, luxurious milk baths, hydrating lotion and pure sugarcane scrubs.

The labeling is simple, so don’t expect fancy gold leaf foil or embossed bottles; Pure Fiji is a small operation which relies on seven local villages to provide the raw materials that go into its products. The villages, in turn, take the profits from their sales of raw materials and use them to pay for water tanks, school fees, health checkups, nutrition and basic infrastructure for hundreds of people in rural Fiji. Pure Fiji is cruelty-free and does not test on animals. All products are made in Fiji.

The scents:
All of Pure Fiji’s products are available in scents that are local to the Fiji islands, including:

White Gingerlily - A delicate ginger floral that is as fresh and invigorating as the Fiji island sea.

Mango - A juicy fruity-fresh mango scent so refreshing for those warmer days.

Coconut Infusion – delicate, rich, sweet and creamy, this Coconut is pure. Why? Because it’s scented with the real thing. No manmade fragrance could even come close.

Pineapple Infusion – cool and refreshing, this is a very ripe pineapple scent. Sweet and nearly edible! But we wouldn’t recommend licking it.

Passionflower – a fruity sweet flower, Fiji’s passionflower smells like a mix between tiare and delicate gardenia. On an interesting note, the fruit from the passionflower vine is used in making Hawaiian Punch!

*Please note: Mango and White Gingerlily scents are not available in the Shampoo or Conditioner products.
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